The High Spark of Low Brow  - To Hell with the Hot Rails

If the Hot Rails lived in their proper decade--the Excessive 70s--these liner notes would be the tale of a winding discography lost to the winds of stoned history, now championed by victorious historians.  "Remember the Hot Rails!" they'd cry, and before you know it, boom: Hot Rails reunion on Conan O'Brien; re-packaged re-issues on Rhino; and the retrospective documentary "My Life as A Hot Rail: An Oral History of One Man's Personal Excess," narrated by Johnny Depp, a hit at Sundance.

You are holding a hard rock record in your hands.  Rock records, unlike rock n' roll records, usually have some kinda raison d'etre behind them.  Intellectualizations of the musical equivalent of a boob joke have gone strong for fifty years now (ah, but what a boob joke!).  And so it goes with To Hell with the Hot Rails. It's got the spunk and the spit.

Like a lancet, these tightly-wrapped jokes have something sharp to offer. It's singer/lyricist Ken Janssen's tall tales of youthful boozin', amateur porno-flavored debauchery, and unmentionable pills, packages and powders.  To Hell With the Hot Rails neither condones nor condemns; is neither celebratory nor cautionary.